About Chrislene

Chrislene's unique voice began to blossom when she was just a small child. In middle school she and her friends got a kick out of disguising their voices and prank calling each other. Chrislene would spend hours coming up with new weird voices to trick her friends. With her love for talking and singing, she received a karaoke machine from her mother as a Christmas gift one year. She immediately began recording audio plays and musicals of herself singing and voicing various characters, perfecting her talent.  

As Chrislene grew older, people began to compliment on her mature and distinct voice. When it was time to think about college, and what to major in, she decided being a news anchor would be cool since she already had the voice. Chrislene studied Broadcast Journalism at the University of Maryland. She became an award winning Journalist after placing first in the Society of Professional Journalist's Region 2 Mark of Excellence Awards, for her radio feature, "Gamer Symphony Orchestra". After receiving her degree she moved on to CBS Radio in DC where she voiced several commercials for all of their stations and reported the news Friday mornings for the Morning Show on WPGC 95.5 FM.

Chrislene resides in the Washington, DC area with her three adorable pets Chloe, Simone, and Periwinkle. When she's not acting on-camera, she is in her home studio voicing anything from political ads to animal noises for children's toys. Chrislene loves bringing words to life with her voice.

Chrislene Bright