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Janjay is an energetic, smart, and curious little girl living in the West African country of Liberia. She is responsible for collecting clean water for the household on a regular basis, but one day finds herself distracted by afternoon fun with a friend, which causes her to neglect her chores. She later discovers the seriousness of her actions and learns a real life lesson about disobedience and the important role she plays in her family. Through humor and the use of local language, this story brings to light the global issue of access to clean-water sanitation that resonates with millions of girls around the world.


She's most sought-after for her pure, unadulterated talent. Chrislene is the voice of many brands, political ads, phone systems, and several characters in upcoming animated series. 
Her wide vocal range and unlimited ability allow her to transform scripts into genuine believable characters of all ages and demographics. She's a pro at e-learning and training courses across the board: medical, industrial, and corporate, delivering content in an upbeat, engaging style. 

Chrislene has the voice to match it all.

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